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Method to fix error printing Message on Windows 10


We know many problems occur in daily life during printer using. Some issues create the printer error. During upgraded the window then some software incompatibility problems arise with the software and driver. Sometimes you will also face the printer error problem.

Now we speaking of printer error arises during printing state. We can say this error is Error Printing on Windows 10. Many users also report the error printing status message to arise in Windows 10 only. When we will try to print the document, from WordPad, PDF Adobe Reader, word excel, and word document then it will in the print queue with the Status as Error- Printing. But it will try to another computer window to print these document then they will work fine and no problem. In another word, we can say printer is not working after windows 10 updates.


Reason for Error Message during the print document

The wrong connection between computer and printer.

The printer Spool get terminated and stop running working

Faulty Printer drivers

Faulty USB port driver

Upgrading window 10 from the old version


How to fix printer Errors in Windows 10?

Before you can try to fix the printer error then restart the printer-> turn the printer off-> and unplug the printer wire and then plug the printer wired between computer and printer devices. After that, you can On the printer. 


Update your printer drivers

You can press Window + R then type in dialog box types devmgmt.msc then Enter

Fill the administrator password and click allow

Then go to Device Manager and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

And locate the USB port driver and click for update the printer driver software

Search automatically for the updated driver's option.

Check the internet are working conditions for the latest update the drivers then install it with press OK button.


Open the printer troubleshooter

If the upgraded drivers do not work to fix the window 10 error printing messages, then you can run the printer troubleshooter.

In the Window search box, you can search troubleshooting printer then open the setting window.

Click on the printer troubleshooter button and start the printer troubleshooting steps


Restart the Printer spool

If before above two methods are not working, then clear the pending task and restarting the printer spool services.

You can type in run window services.msc

Then services window searches the printer spooler entry.

Right-click and stop the printer spool entry. Check the views files, empty the jammed print queue and delete every file

And restart the Printer Spool services


Check the Printer Port Setting

Open the Run window by pressing the Window + R > types here Control panel then enter

Then click on Devices and printers then right-click to the default printer, select through by the printer properties.

Turn Off and restart the printer.

If the same still now the error printing in window 10 then contact with printer setup expert team they 

will resolve the printer error problem at a time.

Read morefix error printing Message on Windows 10


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